Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you really need to know about estate coin.

1. What is

Estatecoin fund is Investment fund project, aimed to invest in physical real estate and real estate digital asset.

This is our mission and profit for investors.

  1. Acquire and develop small and medium scale size of real estate such as luxury house, commercial building and apartments. The income profit from doing these businesses will be distributed to EST token holders. We believe that the dividend to all contributor would be in high rate because we have less cost compare to others. For example, ICO fundraising provide us the capital with no interest, in other words, we do not have interest expense. Furthermore, with the closely strong connection with local construction company and real estate Development Company, it leads us to have lower initial investment than others. Consequently, tremendous profit will come to our project. It is no doubtful that Estate Coin delivers amazing deal for all investors who have a great chance not only to be real estate co-owner but also gain around 3-10% per month dividend guarantee at least 12 months. (Project’s dividend distribution starts from 30 days after EST be listed on the exchange markets.
  2. Participate in Estate Coin project will fulfill you dream to be a part of owner of real estate and  save you both direct and indirect cost such as your time, traveling fee, loan interest from banks and
  3. Real estate website and application platform for trading properties is another plan which we would like to develop. This platform will be created to be the hub for real estate exchange market of Thailand. However, this platform does not limit just Thai people to access but everyone all over the world can jump into this market simply as well. What’s next, the acquisition of existing real estate website platform is also in our business road map.

2. What is the purpose of the project?

The project purpose is to invest in small and medium size real estate around EEC district especially the investment with sensible dividend. Moreover, EST may considering to invest in Thailand real estate on online platform.

3.Why does not estatecoin fund prohibit for U.S. and Thai citizens contributing in this project?

We are so appreciate for your generous given by U.S. and Thai investors. By reason of uncertainty policies and laws of U.S. and Thailand and escorting benefit of every investors, EST crowd sale cannot be registered by U.S. and Thai citizens.

4.What is the consequence If I am Thai or U.S. and contribute in EST project?

Case 1: If you do KYC, your KYC will fail.

Case 2: If you use some glitch to contribute in EST and we found it later, we consider you are contribute to the project without intent to receive any return and there will be no EST token sending to you.

5.Does EST scam?

No. We work on this project based on actual investment. Although our first project will not be prominent, we will proceed the project as white paper detailed and consider the best benefit for investor.

6.What is the return of ICO contributors ?

  1. EST Token
  2. Reasonable Dividend according to our conditions as how in the white paper.
  3. Gain Passive Income follow..
    1. Gains from the sale of real estate such as houses, commercial stores.
    2. Gains from the rental of real estate in our project.
    3. Profit from the fees resulting from the sales declaration or others activities on the website and applicationsAnyway, all of above depends on the amount of the initial budget that we can reach. How much money do you want to give us? We will be able to generate more returns for you. We guarantee to pay the dividend payout around 3-10% per month for at least 12 months is a massive passive income for all patricians. Do not let the opportunity pass.

    Pre-ico investments today for your long-term financial success.

7.If I contribute to EST project and sell all EST on the first date or after the day EST listed on  exchange, will I receive dividend?

Yes,although you do not have EST token, you will also receive dividend via address you contribute and registering.

8.Why do we not starting company or something official before ICO launch?

We always consider and brainstorm this topic. We are start-up team hence our starting budget is limited. We determine when the crowd funding is finished with greater than $1 Million (Soft cap), we will start the company in Singapore or Hongkong.

9.Because you are Thai and invest in Thailand, why do you not start your company in Thailand?

Thailand currently do not have ICO regulation.

10.What will happen if the contribution does not reach soft cap?

All ETH will be refunded via contribution address in 3-4 weeks. However we attempt to refund to all investors the fastest we can.

11.Does EST has any policy to listed the coin in exchange?

Yes, we will try to be listed EST as various as possible.

12.Why do you invest in EEC zone? Do you not consider other area in Thailand?

EEC have the most convenient logistic systems, various investment projects including finest habitation organization. EEC regulation is concession for foreigner to lease or use for long stay and secure.

13.Will the dividend still continuously be paid after 12th dividend payment?

We do not promise. If there are any possibilities, we may consider paying every 3 months for another year and will consider regards to dividend payment year by year.

14.It seems your co-developer team has no real estate professional, but why are you so confident that this project will be successful?

We trust in our experience of living and deal with this area for more than 30 years with having a passion for real estate. Moreover our investment approach is unmistakably and possible to success without exorbitant return. This is an actual real estate investment with actual returns. Nevertheless, after the project implementation, we have a policy to educate about real estate and we will invite real estate consultants in Thailand to become advisor for EST projects.

15.Will you be scam same as almost 80% ICO funding?

Definitely No! We intentionally to carry out this high potential project.

16.Are there any Taxes or AML issues?

Our team consists of Thailand tax officers with lawyers with strictly look after. If there are any process requiring to pay tax according to Thai regulations, we have full willing to follow and fully cooperate.

17.Is EST ponzi scheme?

We do not have affiliate system as network marketing and investor return in dividend is only 7% annually. Moreover EST price is freely controlled by market, EST is not ponzi scheme.

18.Average return on investment at 7% annually is so low.

We accept this point and this is the ordinary return of standard real estate fund. However you do not need to be concern. If there are any mean to increase return, we will instantly do it. We especially consider the return of investors.

19.Is the token secure?

Secure. We use ETH smart contract based on ERC20 standard.

20.Will EST on cryptocurrency media?

Absolutely, we do!!

21.Your project is so small and easy to success. Will the project worth investment?

We admit our project is easy however we have solid intention and actual account on the project. We have several projects to further develop from EST. We choose to firmly develop from this step to next step. Please let the project result as proof.